Tiki Fever: Island Escapades

A series of 12 pictures. One of my favorite interests is American Tiki culture, a form of escapism based on a romanticized vision of the South Pacific lifestyle and traditions. This concept was prevalent in Tiki-themed bars and restaurants that served exotic rum-based potions, transporting patrons to another world away from the daily grind. This series of images reimagines the Tiki scene from the 1960s. They were fun to make but presented challenges for AI, which generated numerous odd anomalies. Consequently, they required extensive repair work via Photoshop, but the effort was worth it.
A man observing a Polynesian Tiki restaurant at dusk, with an early model Corvette nearby. Generated with AI. The inteior of a Polynesian restauant with a giant Tiki shaped fireplace, filled with customers. Generated with AI. A beautiful waitress with drinks for patrons in a tiki bar. Generated with AI. Men and women having drinks in a mysterious tiki bar. Generated with AI. A woman singing in a tiki themed lounge accompanied by musicians in front of an audience. Generated with AI. Men and women eating and drinking in a Polynesian Tiki restaurant. Generated with AI. A 1960s couple drinking and smoking in a tiki bar, with enthusiastic drunken people in the background. Generated with AI. Three exotic hula dancers performing at a tiki bar. Generated with AI. A group of people seated at a table covered with food and drinks at a Polynesian Tiki restaurant, lit by candle light. Generated with AI. Women and men in a 1960s tiki bar laughing. Generated with AI. A lovely 1960s cocktail waitress in a tiki bar, lit by candle light. Generated with AI. A 1960s man and woman wearing tropical decor leaving a tiki bar at night. Generated with AI.
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