Koi Ponds: Three Worlds

This collection of 10 images was inspired by various concepts: the three realms of below, the surface, and above; duality; and the interconnection between humans and other creatures. The effective portrayal of these ideas relied heavily on elements such as lighting, refraction, reflection, and atmosphere. Thankfully, DALL·E 3 rendered the scenes beautifully, bringing these concepts to life.
Two Koi fish observing a woman from below the water surface. Generated with AI. Koi fish with lily pads and reflected sky and trees. Generated with AI. An Asian woman observes Koi in a pond, with a beautiful garden in the background. Generated with AI. Close up of two Koi fish with fallen leaves on the surface in Autumn. Generated with AI. A woman watches two large Koi from the waters edge. Generated with AI. Two Koi fish in the wild, with lily pads and a setting sun. Generated with AI. A pretty Asian woman interacting with many Koi fish in a Japanese garden. Generated with AI. Two Koi fish circling each other, with fall leaves on the surface. Generated with AI. A woman partially submerged in a Koi pond, observing two fish. Generated with AI. Two Koi fish with ripples and reflections on the waters surface. Generated with AI.
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